The Fleet Technician Report - Apr 3rd, 2024
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April 3, 2024
From diagnostic equipment to dash cams, there are several technologies fleets can utilize to keep their mobile maintenance operations running at peak efficiency.
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The updated out-of-service criteria loosens regulations for tires equipped with ATIS and adds greater clarity to OOS violations for coupling and lighting issues.
The EUFMC will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia from June 2-5, and will also cover mutual assistance strategies, upcoming regulatory shifts, and technology changes surrounding electrification and EVs.
Can AI help us understand AI? Especially when pitted against the human intelligence that made it? We decided to find out by comparing answers between trucking experts and ChatGPT on various maintenance topics.
Given the preliminary data and diagnostic trouble-shooting done on this misfiring 2015 Ford Transit, how would you handle the misbehaving sixth cylinder?
How to repair the customer relationship when a vehicle repair needs re-addressing.