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Shop Operations

It's time to address technican health and wellness

July 22, 2024
Shops are sacrificing the health of technicians, who are in short supply, to ensure vehicle uptime. Can minor changes resolve this major dilemma?
Mercedes Benz

NHTSA recalls: Autocar, sprinter, and more

July 22, 2024
The latest safety notices feature failing brake lights and more.
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Employees & Training

School’s in: How to make meaningful tech recruitment partnerships

July 19, 2024
Partnering with schools can help shops’ technician recruitment efforts, but finding the right ones to team with requires some homework.
Battery & Electrical

Tips to avoid EV battery fires during maintenance

July 19, 2024
Battery fires are a different beast than other dangers in the shop, especially with more EVs in the bay. But monitoring EV batteries and chargers can help fleets keep their technicians...