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Diagnostic & Repair

Improving repair accuracy by tracking comebacks

April 15, 2024
A perfect repair is always the target when fixing a truck, but distractions and improper processes can cause a technician to miss the bullseye. Improving aim starts with knowing...
Safety & Technology

Motive updates multiple products with AI integration

The company announced new solutions designed to improve safety and operational visibility.
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Emissions & Efficiency

Leveraging rolling resistance and viscosity for better fuel efficiency

April 12, 2024
Calculating which tires will provide the most rolling resistance for sleepers and leveraging advanced engine oils for sleepers will help fleets rest easier.
Peterbilt 579
Emissions & Efficiency

How integrated powertrains, engine controls impact fuel efficiency

April 11, 2024
Hardware improvements that emphasize electronic advancements and reduce excessive idling can lead to greater savings at the pump.