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Shop Management

Putting techs' mental health top-of-mind

July 24, 2024
Like unseen issues underneath the hood, a technician's health problems might not readily be apparent. That's why leaders must also consider how to manage their techs' mental health...
Vayu Robotics
Vayu Robotics Delivery Robot
Safety & Technology

Vayu's on-road delivery robot has big brains, bigger plans 

July 24, 2024
The stocky automaton has a 100-lb. capacity and up to a 70-mile range. Its innovative AI makes it a potential option for parts and tool delivery now, and even bigger help for ...
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Employees & Training

The Uptime Paradox: The cost of ignoring technician health

July 23, 2024
All fleets have a hyper-focus on the uptime of their equipment and assets, but their technicians rarely get the routine maintenance they need. And that ends up costing everyone...
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Emissions & Efficiency

Refinery overutilization, less demand pushes diesel below $3.80/gal

July 23, 2024
Diesel prices reached an average of $3.78 per gallon the week of July 22, and both diesel and gas costs dropped in almost every region in the U.S. overall.