FM Diagnostic & Technology Update - Sep 19th, 2023
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September 19, 2023
Shell and Cummins plan to prove that renewable natural gas is already a viable and sustainable platform for long-haul freight.
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Though previously expressing cybersecurity concerns over the state's data-sharing law, NHTSA now says there is a workable way for independent shops to access diagnostics data.
Risk management tools offered by Northland Insurance leverages the evolution of data analytics to help commercial vehicle operations improve safety and efficiency.
Dart Transit Company has selected Trimble's Instinct and Video Intelligence platform to improve their driver coaching and safety, all backed up by video segments.
Could the future of vehicle repair be rooted in augmented and virtual reality?
Perfect for heavy-, medium-, and some light-duty vehicles
Provides real-time wheel-end temperature visibility
Easy access to truck-specific information