FM Diagnostic & Technology Update - Nov 14th, 2023
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November 14, 2023
Engineer Ben Gardiner demonstrated how a hacker can disable a trailer's brake controller with only $300 worth of technology at the Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity.
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Pitstop's recent webinar examined how fleets can apply AI to streamline fleet maintenance and management.
The Tire & Vehicle Analytics platform will provide the data needed to remove worn-out and undermaintained tires from the road.
The TPMS integration is the first of several Bridgestone will be bringing to the Geotab Marketplace.
eTechnician's latest upgrade covers newer Cummins engines and features several new tests for more advanced emissions systems, such as the AFT Intake NOx Test and the AFT Outlet NOx Test.
Offers modular design and user-removable expansion packs
Uses LiDAR technology for precise measurements
The Launch Tech USA ELB300 EV Battery Pack Cell Equalizer is a battery maintenance diagnostic tool for EV batteries and technology. The ELB300 diagnoses numerous issues including inconsistent cell voltage, and individual battery cell capacity variances. It is designed for new energy batteries such as...