FM Diagnostic & Technology Update - Mar 19th, 2024
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March 19, 2024
Predictive maintenance can be the shop superpower to stave off chaos and minimize downtime. But using this great power takes great responsibility to set it up right.
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Telematics and remote diagnostic applications are changing how fleets handle maintenance plans, a crucial aspect with the growth of electric vehicles.
Increasingly connected trucks offer boons for fleets in increased efficiency and visibility, but they also come with hacking vulnerabilities that the industry can't afford to ignore.
The Q1 2024 JPRO update includes user experience enhancements to the Technician as a Service and Fault Guidance features.
While using vehicle data to schedule maintenance can easily lead to data overload, with the right tools, fleets can keep their vehicles in service longer.
Senzit will now be able to use Tan Delta's proprietary oil monitoring sensors to better detect contamination and other issues while optimizing oil change intervals.
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