Fleet Maintenance Today - Mar 29th, 2024
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March 29, 2024
Custom chrome designs of every size and stripe came to strut their stuff at the 2024 PKY Truck Beauty Championship.
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Sometimes it helps to have an extra pair of eyes on the road, especially with such large, complex piece of machinery as commercial trucks. Here are a few options to help keep drivers safe on the road.

Here’s one way to trim the weight out of your operations. With magnum+ High Precision Tire Balancing Beads, speed up your daily routine and turn a time-consuming repetitive task into a genuine profit center. It’s just the simplest and most-cost effective way to balance tires for their entire life. No balancing equipment or maintenance required, and they are TPMS Compatible. Now that’s efficiency.

The new inspection deadline is Jan. 1, 2025, at which point fleets, owners, and operators must submit an emissions test for vehicles registered in or operating in California.
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After years of testing, autonomous trucking is on the cusp of entering the commercial sector. What this phase will look like is the next big question for fleets and AV developers alike.