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Bosch released 212 new aftermarket parts in 2022

Jan. 10, 2023
Bosch released parts including fuel injectors, ignition coils, brake pads, and more.

Robert Bosch has introduced 212 automotive aftermarket parts to its portfolio in 2022. Among these are 74 braking parts, 52 fuel and water pumps, 14 ignition coils, 27 cooling fans, rotating machines, spark plugs and ESP units, 38 sensors and seven fuel injectors.

The recently released portfolio includes the new QuietCast Disc Brake Pads and Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads for late-model Asian, European, Domestic and heavy-duty vehicles. The former suits all makes and models, while the latter features a coating that prevents rust along with slots and chamfers suited to OE design for easy installation.

Seven Bosch GDI Fuel Injectors were released this year and are direct replacements for many Domestic, Asian and European vehicles. Specifically, the injector allows for engine downsizing while also maintaining desired horsepower and provide exact flow and an original spray pattern while enhancing a homogenous and lean-burn performance.

Another new solution is the Bosch Auxiliary Water Pump, which is equipped with a sealed pump chamber, an independent heating system, and an EV and hybrid compatible cabin heat control system. Additionally, Bosch released new GDI High Pressure Pumps, Bosch Electric Fuels Pumps., Bosch Auxiliary Water Pumps, and more, all to ensure a long, reliable service life. 

Bosch also released several ignition coils featuring precise, corrosion-resistant connections to provide an extensive service life. Along with its lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions, the coils suit many Ford makes and models and is built to meet and exceed OEM specifications to improve upon the original component. 

Also among the company's new releases are 38 new oxygen sensors. These are easy to install and meet or exceed OE performance specifications, with some measuring precise amounts of oxygen while others include a SmartLink connector system.

Additionally, Bosch released one new crankshaft sensor designed to accurately detect engine speed – the main control variable for the ignition timing – and one new MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, covering late model Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles, to ensure low levels of harmful emissions.

Finally, Bosch's portfolio of solutions includes new EVO, Bosch, and Bosch Copper with Nickel Spark Plugs, all designed to ensure a reliable ignition throughout its service life, even under extreme pressure conditions in modern engines. Through improved design and development materials, the spark plugs are composed to reduce the chance for damage and optimize vehicle function in the most extreme conditions. 

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