Daimler Truck
Emissions & Efficiency

Can ZEV production, infrastructure scale in time for GHG3?

May 7, 2024
We crunched the numbers and listened to fleet experts. And the answer may not at all surprise you.
Roy Dennis Ripple
Diagnostic & Repair

Electrical Service 101: Batteries and wire repairs

May 24, 2024
When deciding how to approach an electrical issue, be sure to test the battery first before embarking on a wire repair. And if you do need to solder a wire, using the proper tools...
Penske Truck Leasing
Emissions & Efficiency

Penske Truck Leasing newest charter member of Powering America’s Commercial Transportation

The company's new role as charter member will grant them a seat on the charging coalition's board of directors, which will be filled by Paula Rosa, Penske SVP of procurement and...
Lucas Roberto | Fleet Maintenance

Better late than never: Tesla Semi poised to challenge diesel

May 23, 2024
With a focus on efficiency and leveraging Tesla's supply and infrastructure networks, the Semi will be a direct competitor to diesel trucks, Tesla exec Dan Priestly explained ...