Image: Dorman Products
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Dorman releases fourth edition of OE FIX Guide

Feb. 7, 2023
The company's fourth edition explores issues Dorman's product experts worked to address and modify, such as redesigning products for reliability or service simplification.

Dorman Products has released OE FIX Guide Vol. 4, its publication highlighting automotive repair solutions designed to help professionals better address original equipment (OE) faults and fixes.

Dorman’s OE FIX Guide examines particular faults and failures in OE equipment and explores how to repair them without fully replacing the part or system, if possible. The guide then explores how Dorman parts can be substituted to improve or repair on an OE’s work, with 24 pages of text and images for readability.

In among others, the fourth edition of Dorman’s OE FIX guide will include:

An article on Dorman’s OE FIX power transfer unit (600-234XD) for select Ford vehicles that includes a patented heat shield and other design enhancements to increase reliability.

A wrap-up of Dorman’s OE FIX solutions for the Jeep Wrangler, including a new OE FIX manual shift tower (697-024) designed to reduce the likelihood of the shifter popping out of gear.

A feature story on Dorman’s unique electronic programming capabilities that enable many OE FIX solutions, including keyless remotes, electronic power steering racks, climate control modules, fuel pump driver modules, and more.

The magazine will be available in various repair shops and parts stores.