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Fleet management systems spotlight

March 27, 2023
Shops and fleets alike can save themselves time and money by actively monitoring their vehicles' needs, which is where fleet management platforms can shine in increasing uptime. Here's a few platforms that fleets and shops have recommended.

From large fleets to small, making sure a fleet manager knows the status and health of each and every asset can be a time-consuming task, and yet any fleet would be hard-pressed to do business without it. That's where digital management platforms come in to make life easier for both those in the back office and technicians in the shop. Here are several online management tools that fleets have used to monitor everything from uptime to technician efficiency.

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Fleetio Fleet Management Software and Maintenance System

Fleetio features a variety of solutions to monitor and track a fleet’s performance and lifecycle. The service includes preventative maintenance reminders, electronic driver vehicle inspections records (eDVIRs), and digital work order forms that include service duration tracking, cost subtotals, and supply and fee tracking. The dashboard also includes service reminders, cost reports, equipment status, and more. ProQual Landscaping, a fleet with 85 assets in Tempe, Arizona, used the platform’s proactive maintenance plan to save 33% in the first half of one year versus the previous. “Fleetio takes no brainpower to know where to go or what to do; it’s simple,” noted Jeremy Bader, ProQual Landscaping Implementation Manager in a Fleetio case study. “The bulk upload feature allowed us to take all of our electronic documents, send them to Fleetio, and we were up and running within hours.”

Fullbay Repair Shop Magement Software

The Fullbay platform is a web-based heavy-duty truck repair and shop management program that compiles every facet of information a shop may need in one convenient dashboard. From estimates and invoices to inventory management, Fullbay can manage parts across multiple locations, generate service orders, and track a shop’s revenue and efficiency. “There’s a very large report called the Fleet Cost Reader report in Fullbay,” said Chase Bowman, operations manager, AM PM Diesel Services. “I love that report; [there’s] so much useful information on there that a lot of people overlook, but it tells you how your customer fleet is operating.”

Chevin Fleet Solutions' Fleetwave

FleetWave provides a unified dashboard for fleets that include fuel costs, maintenance, and repair services as well as purchase order and invoice reminders. The platform also features driver training reminders and an easily accessible maintenance schedule for all of a company’s assets. “Having machinery that is on high demand and then not utilized until next season, and then having other machinery operating continually all year round are some of the challenges we face with managing our fleet,” said Joydee Caton, fleet manager, Hinkler Park Plantations. “FleetWave gives us the ability to monitor them according to their use.”


Zonar EVIR Mobile differentiates itself from other providers with its patented Electronic Verified Inspection Report solution, which works with its other offerings for predictive maintenance and management. The platform offers GPS tracking on vehicles and equipment, and the inspection system utilizes RFID tags that will not allow a driver to progress until they’ve scanned the tag.

“If I see an inspection is done in under six minutes, I know that the driver didn’t spend enough time looking at each zone,” said Glen Hand, Bridger Steel’s inventory and logistics coordinator. “I can then coach them toward better practices.”

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