Xantrex Freedom E Gen

Xantrex introduces Freedom e-Gen

April 21, 2021
Freedom e-Gen is a lithium-ion battery-based power system providing no-idle AC and DC power, which can be spec’d as an OEM install or as an aftermarket solution.

Xantrex, a subsidiary of Mission Critical Electronics (MCE), introduced a no-idle solution to the heavy duty truck market. Freedom e-GEN is a lithium-ion battery-based power system that can be requested as an OEM install with most truck brands or as an aftermarket solution through Xantrex authorized dealers.

“The chief advantage of the Freedom e-GEN system is having a dedicated battery bank with virtually unlimited AC and DC power to run hotel loads such as televisions, microwaves, fridges, and auxiliary HVAC units,” said Matt Wodecki, Freedom e-GEN sales director. “The Freedom e-GEN, unlike idling your truck’s engine or using a diesel APU, provides the exact amount of power needed without unnecessarily burning fuel.”

Highly efficient lithium-ion batteries are the heart of the Freedom e-GEN system. Available from 125Ahr to 1,260Ahr as part of a fully customizable power generation system, Freedom e-GEN Li-Ion batteries have four times the energy density at half the weight and size of traditional deep-cycle batteries.

As an integrated part of the Freedom e-GEN system, the Freedom XC Inverter/Charger converts DC electricity from the battery bank into stable AC power. Available in various power levels – with ratings of 1,000, to 3,000 watts, all models feature high surge capability and premium sine wave output delivering steady power, protecting sensitive electronics such as computers and CPAP machines.

“Minimizing the AC current used by the charger means more current is available for your AC loads,” Wodecki explained. “An APU generator produces a set amount of power whether it is needed or not, continuously wasting fuel while running. With Freedom e-GEN you only use the power that you need.

“Because the usual AC power sources, such as generators, offer limited current availability, having the capability to manage your AC loads is extremely valuable,” Wodecki said.

Regulated by the Xantrex Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), Freedom e-GEN supports charging from both a second alternator (included) and shore power. An optional Xantrex solar kit (or trickle charger) adds an off-grid source of power that ensures any vehicle parked for prolonged periods of time will always have fully charged batteries.

On the aftermarket, Freedom e-GEN is pre-engineered for fast, reliable plug-and-play installation. Xantrex also supplies on-site support and end-user resources to ensure a positive experience.

“Freedom e-GEN offers safe, clean, quiet onboard power with low operating costs,” Wodecki said. “In today’s competitive driver market, a reliable, consistent power source is a requirement for providing a comfortable working and living environment on the road.”