Saf Holland Tire Pilot Plus

SAF-HOLLAND upgrades SAF Tire Pilot Plus

Sept. 14, 2022
The latest SAF-HOLLAND upgrade includes a new regulator assembly that improves greater operator visibility, control, and accuracy.

SAF-HOLLAND upgraded its SAF Tire Pilot Plus (TPP), replacing the mechanical regulator assembly with a new electronically-controlled regulator assembly.

This new electronically-controlled regulator will provide improved control accuracy and pressure control capabilities in addition to the ability to digitally communicate via Bluetooth technology to a smart phone app. The plug and play regulator assembly is a direct replacement for the mechanical regulator assembly and is retrofittable.

The factory preset, sealed-cover regulator assembly module doesn’t require mechanical adjustments. It’s easily identified because each unit has an identification decal with its part number, serial number, and unit pressure setting as well as a QR code for easy access to technical support information.

This change will be implemented at the OEM and aftermarket kit level November 15, 2022. The upper-level trailer OEM kit numbers will not change, only the regulator assembly number will be changed in the BOM of the kit.

The new TPP electronically controlled regulator assembly includes a new common connector with industry-standard adapters that can interface with existing telematics units for the warning light status.

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