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Pre-Q GALGO Corp casts a wide event net for 2023

April 19, 2023
The manufacturer has been busy promoting retreading to fleets and technicians alike.

Pre-Q Galgo Corporation, a rubber and retreading supply manufacturer, finished 2022 and began 2023 with several event appearances across the country, including their attendance at the Ohio School Bus Mechanics Association (OSBMA) workshop in Columbus, Ohio, on October 18, 2022; the 2023 OTR Tire Conference in Tuscon, Arizona, on February 22-25; and the American Trucking Associations Technology and Maintenance Council’s spring meeting exhibition in Orlando, Florida, on February 27-March 1.

In particular, the company focused on discussing the benefits of tire retreading at each of these events.

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“This year’s [TMC] exhibition exceeded our expectations as fleets presented us with more questions about retreading than ever before,” said Ron Elliott, marketing manager at U.S. and Canada Pre-Q Galgo Corporation. “We support our independent retreaders by exhibiting and promoting retreading and our brand at various trade events throughout the year so that fleets across the country know that for over 70 years, it has been our mission to ensure that our brand stands for quality and performance.”

According to a 2018 joint report from Duke University, East Carolina University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Michigan Emeritus, almost 44% of all commercial tires on the road in the U.S. and Canada have been retread. However, the share of retread tires has declined to 44% over the last several years, making exhibitions like Pre-Q Galgo’s all the more critical.

These shows are “an excellent opportunity to expand our brand awareness and help educate fleets on how retreading is a great way to add value and sustainability to their company,” said Cole McElroy, southeast region manager at Pre-Q Galgo. “When fleets retread their casings, it saves thousands and offers a great return on their investment.”

This is especially true given that the Retread Tire Information Bureau has stated that a single retread tire can save almost 40 lb. of rubber, steel, and carbon black and 15 gallons of oil for manufacturers.

Pre-Q Galgo not only presented their retreading work to potential clients, but also ran four tire workshops for over 200 technicians at OSBMA’s 33rd annual workshop, the company stated.

“As I am sure everyone knows, new tire prices continue to increase, and school districts are looking for alternatives to stretch their budgets,” Elliott noted. “We had countless school districts tell us they were glad they came and learned that retreading has come a long way and provides an economical and safe alternative to new tires.”

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