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Last Mile Halo Connect

Aperia Technologies extends Halo Connect to last-mile vehicles

May 8, 2023
The company stated that their platform's applicability expansion allows fleets to virtually eliminate unplanned tire-related downtime and reduce tire costs per mile, resulting in increased on-time deliveries.

Aperia Technologies, a tire inflation technology and tire monitoring and predictive analytics software provider, is expanding its Halo Connect platform to last-mile vehicles, allowing the predictive platform to cover heavy-, medium-, and light-duty commercial vehicle applications, the company stated.

“Tire health remains critical to the safe and efficient operation of vehicles spanning all mobility segments,” said Judith Monte, vice president of marketing and customer experience at Aperia Technologies. “The Halo Connect tire maintenance platform leapfrogs existing available technologies, and its expansion into delivery vans now enables our clients to put all tires under management with a single platform, regardless of vehicle class.”

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Halo Connect for last-mile applications will be use the company’s tire analytics software to monitor tire health on an asset, prioritize alerts and issues, and provide an estimated period before a tire will need to be serviced, providing fleet managers the information necessary to make operational decisions, the company stated. Additionally, Halo Connect for last-mile assets can pair with Aperia’s Halo Tire Inflator, a mounted device that will provide automatic inflation when tires experience a drop in pressure.  

“Alternate technologies commonly overwhelm fleets with false warnings and incomplete information,” said Monte. “With Halo Connect, fleets receive accurate, time-bound maintenance recommendations that garner user trust and engagement.”

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