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Hunter releases HawkEye XL alignment system

Oct. 13, 2023
The alignment system expands on its predecessor, the HawkEye Elite, with long-range systems able to align 53' trailers along with trucks and buses.

Hunter Engineering's HawkEye XL alignment system can align a wide range of commercial vehicles from trucks and trailers to buses, providing accurate measurements in four minutes or less, the company stated. This allows service technicians to increase their volume of work per day.

“With our old system, I was doing 15 trucks in one 10-hour day,” said technician Vernon Embree of Prime Inc., who tested the HawkEye XL. “Now I’ve hit 26 trucks in one day.”

To provide easy, quick alignments, the HawkEye XL expands on the offerings of the HawkEye Elite system with new camera technology and extra-large targets, all of which give the XL a longer alignment range that can handle 53’ trailers. The targets are lightweight, durable, and three-dimensional, requiring no electric power to operate, and the high-definition cameras feature long-range sights that can capture measurements in a single rolling compensation, Hunter Engineering stated.

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Live alignment readings on up to three axles at once then appear on the system’s visual display, allowing technicians to access real-time updates as they work. The XL can also adapt to several work environments, as the movable camera beam and portable cabinet allow technicians to align vehicles on the shop floor, on a lift, or in a bay.

Optional features of the HawkEye XL include a Fully Integrated Alignment with the Hunter L494HD alignment rack, FIA-compatible turnplate kits, standard self-centering adaptors for wheels 15-28”, and Quick Grips for added speed and wheel protection for heavy-duty and passenger vehicles.

Once a vehicle leaves the shop, the HawkEye XL connects to the HunterNet 2 customer portal for alignment performance monitoring.

Hunter noted the XL’s efficiency, versatility and low maintenance combine to yield more uptime and a lower cost of ownership. Misaligned wheels can have a sizeable impact on commercial vehicle fuel cost and tire wear.

“Technicians love the simplicity and ease of use of the Hawkeye XL,” said Hunter product manager Alan Hagerty. “It’s perfect for heavy-duty shops looking to speed up and supersize their alignment capabilities.”

For a closer look at the HawkEye XL, Hunter Engineering will display the system at their exhibitor booth at SEMA 2023, in Las Vegas from Oct. 31 – Nov. 3.

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