PIT Group Test Track

Double Coin tests fuel efficiency of its line and regional haul tires

Jan. 14, 2019
In both tests, Double Coin tires came in second among top-tier tire brands.

Double Coin and CMA, a tire manufacturer and marketer, released the results of comparison fuel efficiency tests called the ENERGOTEST Tire Challenge. This test was conducted by FPInnovations’ PIT Group, a neutral third-party research organization, and included two other tire manufactures. 

The PIT Group ran two separate comparison tests on steer, drive and trailer tires run on three identically spec’d tractors and trailers. The tests were conducted according to TMC Fuel Consumption Test Procedure – Type III, RP 1103A. One test was a line haul test and the other was a regional haul test. In each test a tractor trailer combination was mounted with a complete set of steer, drive and trailer tires from each manufacturer.

In the line haul test the Double Coin tires tested were the RR680, FD405 and the IM105 patterns. The tires ran a series of test runs on the test track, and then tires and tractors-trailers-drivers were switched so that any vehicle difference or driver difference would not influence the test results. The results of the line haul test were as follows:

Fuel Consumption (L/100 km): 32.54

Fuel Economy (MPG): 7.23

The regional test was run using the same methodology, but with tires designed for regional applications from each manufacturer. The Double Coin tires tested in the regional test were the RT606+, RLB1 and RR150. The results were as follows:

Fuel Consumption (L/100 km): 34.29

Fuel Economy (MPG): 6.86

In both tests the Double Coin tires came in second compared to the other tire manufacturers tested.

“We are pleased with the results of this independent study,” said Tim Phillips, vice president of marketing and operations for Double Coin. “We wanted to go head-to-head with top-tier brands in order to prove that Double Coin tires are quality-engineered tire products that also deliver superior performance and exceptional value - more than is sometimes perceived in the marketplace. The fact that our steer, drive and trailer tires are as fuel efficient as more well-known brands and are backed by a 7-year, 3-retread warranty means that our customers can be confident in quality tires that delivers an ongoing lower cost per mile throughout the life of the tire. These results validate what we have known for some time and what the rest of the transportation industry now knows as well.”

For more information about the ENERGOTEST Tire Challenge and a complete copy of the test results contact us at [email protected].

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