Yokohama Tire

Yokohama Tire expands sizes for 124R and 714R tires

Feb. 12, 2024
The 124R now offers an additional three sizes, while the 714R comes in one new size.

Yokohama Tire is expanding its size offerings for both the 124R and 714R tires, both of which will be on display at the Yokohama Tire booth at TMC's 2024 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition from March 4-7 in New Orleans.

Specifically, the 124R, which is a radial tire suited for regional pick-up and delivery fleets, is now offered in sizes 225/70R19.5, 275/70R22.5 and 255/70R22.5, bringing the total number of sizes up to 12. The 124R also offers deep sipes for wet and snow braking and circumferential grooves for even wear. The tire’s extra-wide tread also provides contact pressure with the road for a longer life and comes with a six-year unlimited retread casing warranty on all 17.5” and 19.5” sizes and a seven-year warranty on all 22.5” sizes.

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Meanwhile, the 714R now has one new size. Meant for urban pick-up and delivery operations, the 714R can now come in size 255/70R22.5, for a total of four sizes. It also features open shoulder grooves for greater traction, a wide tread pattern, and tie-bar connectors to control block movement. Funnel-shaped step groves in the 714R also prevent stones and debris from reaching the bottom of the groove, and the tire is backed by a seven-year unlimited retread casing warranty.

Both tires are certified for severe snow service, symbolized by the three-peak mountain snowflake insignia on the sidewall.