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Diesel Tech Forum updates website, reinforces diesel's relevance

Aug. 31, 2022
Diesel Technology Forum's new website aims to prove its place in the future with a new site that focuses on new content, clear navigation, and exciting visuals that support diesel's efficiency and reliability as reliable power and technology solution.

Regardless of OEMS' stated goals of decarbonizing the trucking industry over the next few decades, the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) is confident the dependable fuel source has a place in the future. And the forum has updated its website,, embracing the latest web technology and design, to provide greater access to its resources and to prove diesel’s viability for that future.

“We focused on improving the user experience by creating a compelling, responsive design that works on any device,” explained Jessica Puchala, DTF project lead. “One that builds in great attention to accessibility, with strong support behind the scenes.”

To best serve its users, the website explains how, where, and why diesel fits into the future by depicting its continuous improvement, energy efficiency, and low emissions.For example, in the "About Us" section, the forum explains: "Diesel fits into the future because there will always be a situation, an application, a use, or demand for which a 'new fuel or technology' might not be able to get the job done without a significant compromise or risk."

The site also includes in its "Energy & Climate" section how energy dense diesel is and that this makes it a reliable fuel for the future:

For example, charging electric vehicles in California at a larger scale may not be viable considering the state does not have enough readily available energy for citizens to keep their thermostat under 78 degrees F.

“We know that diesel is critically important for certain applications that just can’t be electrified immediately—or it’s difficult for payload or range,” said David Carson, SVP of sales and marketing at Daimler Truck North America. “So clean diesel and clean-diesel technology are really going to be a continued part of our propulsion strategy.”

Furthermore, even as alternative asset transportation develops, diesel engines are still needed to cover the period while new technology is integrated into current supply chains.

“Diesel is the lifeblood of the global economy, reflecting its dominance across key sectors like goods movement, agriculture, transportation, and industrial uses,” said DTF’s Executive Director Allen Schaeffer.

With much of the industry still depending on diesel to function, DTF has emphasized that diesel fuel and engines are the most energy-efficient internal combustion engine, allowing drivers to receive the best value for their fuel. Their site will continue to emphasize the same, while also offering tips to help drivers as the organization moves into the future.

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