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Fleet Advantage to order 200 class-8 EV trucks

Oct. 31, 2022
Fleet Advantage has begun to implement their long-term plan to provide their customers with EV options from their portfolio.

Fleet Advantage has recently joined the growing number of companies working to decarbonize their fleets with the order of 200 EV Class 8 tractors. While the company has not announced which company they will be working with to procure these vehicles, they are slated for delivery in 2023.

While this will be Fleet Advantage’s first major foyer into alternative energy trucks, they will be seeking to put their purchases into service depending on their duty cycles, focusing on supply chain locations with more compact areas of operation.

This approach will suit the current capabilities of EVs, as the power and range of diesel fuel still currently outstrips electric batteries. This true especially for Class 8 batteries, which tend to be four to five times larger than medium-duty power sources and can weigh over 10,000 lb. in order to provide 300 miles of range.

"There are real improvements happening on the battery side to increase the energy density, so you're adding less weight," said Brian R. Wilson, Cummins’ power GM of electrified components. "And certainly e-axles are going to help from that perspective, too. The more metal you take out, the less weight—so that's going to be a big deal to the overall powertrain."

With investments such as Fleet Advantages spurring this development, EVs are likely to continue their forward trend in the industry, as the North American Council for Freight Efficiency anticipates that electric powertrains will be the most predominant in the alternative fuel marketplace. Although other technologies may be necessary to reach this point, the organization predicts that electric powertrains are the most efficient solution overall, as long as they have the infrastructure and renewable sources to support them.

“With the advancement of EV technology and growing interest in alternative fuel applications, we are excited to be in position to deliver new EV trucks for our customers,” said Brian Antonellis, CTP, SVP of fleet operations, for Fleet Advantage. “Fleet Advantage has already established its environmental leadership with a rich history of transportation asset management and flexible financing solutions that significantly reduce operating costs along with up to a 28% baseline reduction in CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.”

Fleet Advantage is looking to supplement their tractor order with other EV equipment that will support their supply chain, reduce emissions, and cut their operating costs. Doing so will increase their portfolio of 14,000 tractors, which the company says will allow them to make headway on their initiative to grow their EV fleet over the next five years. 

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