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Rypos extends partnership with Dürr Universal and Mack Molding

Nov. 7, 2022
With the increase of environmental regulations on the horizon, emissions management systems are in even greater demand, leading to greater manufacturing partnerships to ensure fleets get the technology they need.

The California Air Resources Board has found that diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are able to reduce particulate emissions by as much as 85%. This undeniable impact and the continuing progress of environmental regulations means that the demand for DPFs is constantly increasing. As a result, Rypos Inc. has expanded its manufacturing partnerships with both Dürr Universal and Mack Molding, with Dürr Universal assisting with engineering Rypos’ products and Mack Molding manufacturing the necessary parts.

Rypos’ filters utilize active regeneration, using electrically-heated, sintered metal filters that send electric currents through the filter’s fibers to burn away particles instead of exhaust heat, the company says. Rypos claims that this approach makes their filters more consistently clean.

For a typical DPF filter, utilizing engine data can ensure that an assets filter lasts on the longer end of its range of 300,000-500,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. With Rypos’ technology, it’s possible that this range could be longer, although it may also require different maintenance processes and software as well.

“When a DPF is replaced or cleaned, a technician must go into the diagnostic software and program a reset or replacement command so the control module knows that the DPF is now clean,” said Dustin Carnes, training/SME manager of product development at Diesel Laptops. “One problem that arises is when technicians perform the resets when they are not needed, which can throw off the calculations inside the control module. That leads to technicians having to perform more diagnostics than necessary when ash has accumulated in the DPF, but the control module may not be aware of it.”

With such a process necessary for DPF maintenance, a filter such as the one provided by Rypos’ has been the answer for many fleets.

“In this uncertain period of supply chain issues, our relationships with Dürr Universal and Mack Molding enable us to meet customer demand,” said Rypos Chief Executive Officer Paul Anderson. 

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