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COP27 launches Accelerating to Zero (A2Z) Coalition

Dec. 6, 2022
The United Nations Convention on Climate Change announced the coalition to further drive the global transition to zero-emission vehicles on a global scale.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) launched the Accelerating to Zero (A2Z) Coalition this past month, the next step in securing more ambitious commitments to a zero-emission vehicles transition aligned with the Paris Agreement. Announced on Solutions Day at COP27, over 200 signatories from national and sub-national governments, vehicle manufacturers, NGOs, businesses, fleet owners, and others committed to all new car and van sales being zero emission by 2035 in leading markets, and by 2040 globally.

The A2Z Coalition builds off the foundation of the “Zero Emission Vehicles Declaration” (ZEV Declaration) generated at COP26, which is the agreement that establishes the 2035 and 2040 zero-emission goal.

“Accelerating the transition to a sustainable and clean transport sector should be a top priority for governments and businesses,” said Nigel Topping, UN climate change high-level champion for the UK, COP26. “We’re glad to launch the A2Z Coalition as a platform that builds on the positive momentum achieved by the ZEV Declaration.”

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The declaration itself stipulates that signatories accelerate the “proliferation and adoption” of zero-emission vehicles, including converting owned and leased fleets and creating policies to incentivize others to do so. Meanwhile, manufacturer signatories agreed to create business strategies to build customer demand for zero-emission vehicles, while investor and financial institution signees agreed to help finance developments for “consumers, businesses, charging infrastructure, and manufacturers.”

The goal of the A2Z Coalition is to connect the world’s leading organizations on zero-emission transportation with a platform to support understanding, developing, and implementing ambitious zero-emission transportation policies and plans. By providing a public forum where signees can coordinate their efforts and share resources from other participants, the organization hopes to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

“Road transportation shows an encouraging trend toward e-mobility, but must urgently and drastically pick up pace to meet our global climate goals,” said Rachel Muncrief, deputy director of the International Council on Clean Transportation. “The A2Z Coalition is a powerful new way to generate the momentum and the implementation support needed to realize the shift to zero-emission transportation.”

The A2Z Coalition is a partnership of the UK Government’s COP26 Presidency, The Climate Change High-Level Champions, the International Council on Clean Transportation, Climate Group, and the Drive Electric Campaign. A2Z Coalition’s partners also work on the acceleration of zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

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