Southwest Research Institute
For its Class-8 H2-ICE demonstration vehicle, The Southwest Research Institute converted a Cummins X15N natural gas engine to run off hydrogen. This required hydrogen injectors to be integrated into the intake manifold for port injection and the addition of active crankcase ventilation to avoid H2 build up in the valve and oil sump.

Engine Technology Forum to offer H2 ICE webinar, white paper

June 20, 2024
The July webinar on hydrogen's future in internal combustion engines will cover the benefits and challenges of the technology. A new white paper on the topic will also be discussed.

The Engine Technology Forum is hosting a live webinar on July 24th that will discuss using hydrogen in internal combustion engines (H2-ICE), as well as the key challenges for the engine and fuel. Leading industry engine and equipment makers will examine where H2-ICE fits in the energy transition, as well as what use applications are most likely in the future.

The event is on July 24, from 10:30-11:45 a.m. ET. Admission is free, but registrants must sign up HERE to attend the Zoom event.

Attendees can expect to learn about hydrogen as a fuel, advantages of H2-ICE over other decarbonization strategies, information about its cost, as well as related policies.

"H2 is definitely having a moment and I do think it has a chance to be a strong option for harder-to-decarbonize sectors like trucking and larger off-road applications," said Allen Schaeffer, executive director at ETF. "First and foremost, it uses an internal combustion engine; with familiar design, parts, servicing, and maintenance- something none of the other alternatives can truly offer. It leverages all the existing tooling and manufacturing in place, and in that sense can be fairly rapidly scaled—if the right situation with the fuel is in place.”

He added the fueling times for H2 ICE are similar to CNG and diesel as well.

Schaeffer also noted the Inflation Reduction Act earmarked $8 billion for hydrogen hubs to increase supply, and that for ICE, hydrogen won’t require “the ultra-high levels of purity needed for fuel cells.”

Overall, he said H2 ICE technology, such as the Southwest Research Institute demo truck using a converted Cummins X15N natural gas engine recently shown at ACT Expo, helps bridge what the industry is already familiar with regarding current decarbonization goals. 

“H2 ICE addresses the real issue here—which is to move away from fossil fuels—not the ICE,” Schaeffer said. “If we can make that work, we’ll have a winner."

The webinar will also address the challenges hydrogen needs to overcome in the future.

The presentation format will allow for a broad consideration of the key issues surrounding H2-ICE adoption.

Speakers will answer questions from the audience after the group discussion and brief presentations. Schaeffer teased what attendees can expect from this release, including advances in H2-ICE technology, examples of leading engine development programs and OEM announcements, and issues of Emissions Control from H2-ICE.

Panelists include:

  • Dave Frohberg, Chief Engineer, Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels, Caterpillar
  • Puneet Jhawar, General Manager – Alternate Fuels and Fuel Delivery System Business, Cummins
  • Ivan Tate, Head of Technical Centre, FPT Industrial
  • Louise Arnold, Product Line Director, Johnson Matthey
  • Dmitri Konson, Vice President Engineering, Tenneco Clean Air

In addition, the Forum will simultaneously release a white paper ‘Hydrogen for ICE’ by Dr. Ameya Joshi of MobilityNotes. Joshi will give a brief overview of the white paper.

The white paper will also delve into the factors relevant to adoption, like cost, infrastructure, and lifecycle greenhouse gas reduction.

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