Geotab And Vnomics Announce Launch Of True Fuel 010

Vnomics’ True Fuel available on Geotab Marketplace

March 8, 2021
True Fuel is a fuel saving technology that combines real-time driver coaching with fuel efficiency data.

Vnomics Corp., the provider of True Fuel, a fuel saving technology that combines real-time driver coaching with insightful fuel efficiency data, announced the availability of True Fuel on the Geotab Marketplace.

Integrating with the Geotab platform, True Fuel coaches drivers, in-cab and in real-time, on fuel efficient driving practices and simultaneously measures and analyzes real-time driver behavior and fuel consumption in Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks to provide Geotab customers with greater insight into their fleets. By isolating and quantifying driver behavior and vehicle configuration impact on fuel consumption separately, driver managers and fleet managers can accurately identify fuel waste and provide a basis for making informed operational changes with respect to fuel efficiency. Going further, True Fuel allows fleet managers to assess driver performance in a fair and transparent way, enabling businesses to institute a fuel-based incentive program based on driver fuel performance.

“We are thrilled to add Geotab, one of the industry’s leading innovators, to our growing network of integration partners,” said Bob Magnant, vice president, product management at Vnomics. “By providing access to greater data insights and coaching tools, the availability of True Fuel on the Geotab Marketplace opens up exciting opportunities, not only for Vnomics, but also for Geotab customers. Rather than relying on miles per gallon, True Fuel allows fleet customers to increase their fuel efficiency and implement a fair fuel-based incentive through its patented application.”

Through this partnership, True Fuel provides Geotab customers with real-time audible coaching and tools to help drivers and fleets reduce fuel waste by increasing their fuel efficiency. Fleet and driver managers will have access to True Fuel’s fuel analytics directly through the MyGeotab platform or from True Fuel’s automated email reports. This solution enables drivers to access self-serve analytics for greater visibility into their fuel performance and further coaching through an optional mobile app.

“With a continued emphasis on sustainability and helping our customers improve efficiency, Geotab is focused on providing users with access to a variety of fuel-focused solutions via the Geotab Marketplace,” said Louis De Jong, executive vice president at Geotab. “Through partners such as Vnomics, we are better positioned to help current and prospective customers reduce gas emissions caused by inefficient driving behavior and help empower incentive programs with data-rich analytics.”

True Fuel’s real-time in-cab coaching has been proven to help improve fuel-inefficient driving behaviors, resulting in a 3 percent to 10 percent reduction in fleet fuel consumption annually, the company says. By utilizing True Fuel, current users, ranging from large enterprise carriers to small fleets, have saved over 100 million gallons of fuel, according to the company.

The True Fuel application is now fully integrated with the Geotab tool suite and is available with the GO9 and GO9+ devices via Geotab’s Pro or ProPlus subscription packages.