Bully Dog Gauge Tuner Installed With Caption

Tuners enable pickup truck drivers improved horsepower and fuel economy

Oct. 12, 2012
Affordable and simple to install, the latest tuners allow drivers to control, automate and monitor engine performance to dynamically suit their changing needs

The average pickup truck today is often required to perform a variety of multi-tasking duties, ranging from basic transportation to rigorous towing, yet is somewhat inflexible as far as torque, horsepower and fuel economy are concerned.

This puts many weekend warriors who haul or trail loads such as RVs, boats and horse trailers in a quandary: Do they opt for a pickup with heavy-duty power and suffer the added purchase and operating cost consequences . . . or simply accept the performance and mileage limitations of their 300 HP-range pickup when under load and/or climbing long grades?

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