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Bendix enhances aftermarket ecommerce platform, expands reman offerings

Jan. 24, 2022
Bendix has updated deliver speed, accuracy, and convenience. The company has made the remanufactured BA-921 Air Compressor more widely available as well.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has injected more speed, accuracy, and convenience into the ecommerce platform for aftermarket. The developer and manufacturer of active safety, air management, and braking system technologies said it "is now even better equipped to help customers and partners provide the right parts quickly and easily, keeping North America’s trucks and their drivers rolling safely."

Products range from brakes and steering gears to tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors and advanced driver assistance system components (ADAS). features high-resolution, 360-degree views of more than 9,000 Bendix products, kits, and related service items. It delivers streamlined product searches, accelerated ordering, online warranty and core services, and the opportunity to readily verify genuine parts.

“When we launched B2Bendix last year, we knew it would change some long-standing ways that people interact with Bendix when it comes to ordering and delivering aftermarket parts,” said Marylou Hornung, director of sales operations for Bendix. “It was a big step taken in direct response to requests for more online options—and the enhancements we’ve implemented since then reflect a continuous emphasis on listening to what our customers need and providing them with even greater usability, more information, and vital resources.”

Speeding up downtime

Vehicle downtime directly impacts the bottom line, so several improvements are aimed at minimizing the time it takes to get the right repair information or locate the correct part. There’s a new Bendix Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) search, for example, as well as a section where site visitors can download select software packages for the SmarTire TPMS or the Bendix Wingman Fusion system radar. Bendix has also made it easier to find the right part more quickly by making it possible to search for partial part numbers and compare up to four products at a time.

“This way, if a customer is looking for a relay valve, they can compare characteristics like crack pressure and body configurations or easily see the differences between a new and remanufactured product, side-by-side,” Hornung said. also now provides logged-in customers with up-to-date product availability on any order before it’s placed, allowing them to plan for partial orders and follow-ups. It’s also easier to find nearby authorized Bendix dealers and distributors using embedded maps functionality, and to report issues for addressing through a web ticketing system.

Power tools for partners

Dealers and distributors also now have the capability to add their own part numbers to’s searchable catalog, again making things simpler for their teams and customers, and saving them the trouble of finding the Bendix number. Bendix channel partners will also find a more robust offering of data and part characteristics now available through the OptiCat OnDemand customer portal. Additionally, can now handle and track returns through the system without requiring a phone call.’s Brake Application Form enables logged-in OEM customers to reach out to Bendix for engineering assistance to help select the correct air disc brake or drum brake for their new application. A Bendix engineer reviews the application and provides the Bendix-rated pad and drum part numbers.

“The site’s ease of use has helped its continuous growth and popularity, and we’re working on even more enhancements, including simplified core returns, warranty improvements, search functionality improvements, and continuously strengthened cross-reference accuracy,” Hornung said. “Whatever it takes to support the companies, teams, and people who never stop working to keep the men and women behind the wheel safe, Bendix is there with solutions and support—quickly, easily, and accurately.”

Bendix also expands availability of remanufactured BA-921 Air Compressor

Delivering long life and air system protection, genuine Bendix remanufactured BA-921 compressors for Detroit Diesel 2007 EPA and 2010 EPA DD13 and DD15 engines are now available for sale in the commercial vehicle aftermarket. Along with greater access to this key component, authorized Bendix dealers and distributors will have the advantage of being able to consolidate purchases, expand their offerings, and provide even more one-stop shopping convenience for customers.

The company remanufactures foundation drum brake shoes, valves, air dryers, compressors, steering gears, and electronics.

“The BA-921 is one of the most popular compressors on the road today, and now it’s easier than ever to replace with a genuine Bendix remanufactured version, which means you’re getting original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality and reliability, along with a competitive price,” said Richard Nagel, Bendix director, marketing and customer solutions—Aftermarket and Air Supply. “Factor in Bendix’s more than 45 years as a remanufacturing leader and 24-month warranty, and you’re looking at an incredibly dependable means of reducing replacement costs, extending vehicle life, and reducing total cost of ownership for fleets and owner-operators.”

Know your reman

A true remanufactured component must be rebuilt by an original equipment manufacturer, such as Bendix, the company said. The component incorporates a mix of internal parts and features inspected and refurbished for reuse by Bendix and brand-new parts from the very same suppliers the manufacturer uses for original equipment. Internal parts that exhibit high levels of wear during normal operation—gaskets and bushings, for example—must be replaced with original spec parts identical to the ones used in a brand-new product.

Pistons, connecting rods, bearings, and fasteners used in a truck’s air compressor undergo a great deal of stress, and the compressor’s head and unloading valves can experience carbon buildup. They remain potential failure points if they’re not replaced as part of the reman process.

“There are crucial differences between real reman components and those that are often labeled ‘rebuilt,’” Nagel said. “For instance, a rebuilt air compressor might be cheaper—but it also might just be cleaned and repainted, with wear parts that are either being reused or replaced with inferior versions. This means you can’t guarantee that the component will perform to the original manufacturer’s specifications, which can lead to failures or system damage down the road.”

OEM-level remanufacturers like Bendix also conduct the same postproduction testing as performed on OEM components to ensure proper performance levels.

Protecting today’s trucks

Commercial vehicles today are using compressed air for more non-braking functions, including automated manual transmissions (AMTs) and emissions controls. A dependable, durable compressor, backed by an OEM warranty and technical support, helps keep these systems operating safely and reliably.

“A clean, dry air supply is essential for today’s trucks, and compressors should pass only a minimal amount of oil, which is needed to lubricate the piston rings,” Nagel said. “The BA-921 unit has always been known for low oil passing, and only genuine Bendix remanufactured compressors maintain that performance. One of the reasons is that we re-hone the piston bore and match the new bore diameter with a new and properly sized piston during remanufacturing.”

Over time, a compressor bore gets worn and scuffed, losing its precise original fit with the piston. Re-honing a piston restores that fit, which is key to ensuring the piston passes just the right amount of oil during operation. A small amount is necessary to lubricate the compressor, but too much oil passing risks contaminating the air supply—which can lead to significant problems.

“We also understand how much downtime impacts the bottom line,” Nagel noted. “With Bendix supplying these remanufactured compressors directly to the aftermarket, you know they’re readily available. And considering the number of hours required for a technician to replace a compressor, you want to be sure you’re putting the best product available on your truck.”

Through its ever-growing portfolio of air management, braking, and safety technologies, Bendix delivers on areas critical to the success of fleets and owner-operators, including safety, equipment reliability, performance and efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership. By encouraging investments toward enhancing driver and vehicle safety, Bendix supports the commercial vehicle industry’s pursuit of safer roads for all who share them.