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CAS unveils next-gen data loggers

Aug. 24, 2022
New SQ16 and SQ16-Plus devices from Grant Instruments feature new SquirrelView software for measuring temperature and other parameters in transport.

CAS Dataloggers recently released new Grant Instruments data loggers with new SquirrelView capabilities that measure a host of parameters, including temperature and humidity, during transport and other applications.

The “next-generation” SQ16 and SQ16-plus devices feature updated SquirrelView software and the new SquirrelView mobile app, and deliver “powerful measurement performance, connectivity, and innovative software features,” CAS said.

Building on the capabilities of previous generations of Squirrel data loggers, SQ16 data loggers provide universal analog input channels to measure current, voltage, and resistance; and parameters that include temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, wind speed, and concentration. Digital channels can automatically trigger or stop logging. This means users can set the logger to automatically start or stop logging if an event occurs, the company explained.

Both devices offer eight differential channels that can accept up to 16 sensors.

While the SQ16 provides support for two-wire resistance measurements, the SQ16-plus offers three- and four-wire resistance, with support for PT10/PT100 RTDs, plus the ability to accept up to 60 volts DC. Designed for stacking, multiple loggers may be linked, saving space and enabling up to 128 channels of data to be measured and monitored.

The SQ16 and SQ16-plus include SquirrelView, a Windows-based application that allows users to configure the loggers, monitor real-time data, and download and analyze recorded data. Connection to the data loggers can be made through a standard USB connection. New in the SQ16 range is a built-in Bluetooth communications interface and the SquirrelView mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. This app provides basic system control, real-time data display, alarm notification, and data download and export all from a smartphone or tablet.


  • Up to eight digital and four pulse/rate counter inputs for event logging or triggering
  • Four alarm outputs for triggering external devices
  • Sample rate up to 8 Hz (two channels at 100 Hz in SQ16-Plus)
  • SD card support for data transfer
  • Multifunction button with status LED for standalone operation
  • Internal AA battery and external DC power unit

Easy to use and program, Squirrel data loggers are suitable for a range of applications, from standalone portable data logging, environmental monitoring, and life sciences data collection, to vehicle, and transport measurements, or fixed industrial monitoring, CAS said.

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