Outrider Trailer Inventory Tracking

Outrider to provide trailer inventory tracking technology

May 22, 2023
The company uses already-installed technology on its autonomous yard vehicles to capture vehicle locations during routine operations.

Outrider, a provider of autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, is releasing automated trailer inventory capabilities for distribution yards. Part of the Outrider System, this patent-pending trailer inventory technology will provide real-time tracking of trailers and containers in yards.

“Misplaced trailers, containers, and chassis are a universal pain point of yard operations and over-the-road trucking,” said Andrew Smith, founder and CEO of Outrider. “Our trailer inventory solution brings much-needed visibility and insight to maximize productivity and yard throughput.”

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Outrider uses technology already installed on its autonomous electric yard trucks to collect the locations of parked trailers during routine operations or as a dedicated function. Sensors and proprietary computer vision algorithms enabled by deep learning detect vacant or occupied parking spots, capture trailer identification numbers and standard carrier alpha codes (SCAC codes), as well as multiple other trailer characteristics.

“Outrider’s automated trailer inventory uses a full stack of technologies to dynamically confirm trailer and container locations in distribution yards,” said Luciano Spinello, senior director of autonomy and artificial intelligence at Outrider. “As our autonomous vehicles operate in yards, they use computer vision to capture and relay trailer data into our state-of-the-art deep learning software models. Advanced algorithms process the data, turning it into valuable information for customers to streamline their yard operations.”

Trailer inventory is enabled, managed, and recorded in Outrider’s cloud-based management software. Outrider shares this real-time inventory with customers’ warehouse, yard, or transportation systems via its application programming interface (API).

The commercial release of trailer inventory follows the announcement of multiple advanced yard technologies, including deep-learning based robotic brake line connections, high-precision articulated backing, and autonomous hitching for diverse trailer weights and orientations. 

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