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J. J. Keller patent to help fleets detect unidentified driving events

Oct. 11, 2023
J.J. Keller's patent for a Driving Monitoring and Detection System will let fleet managers know when the ELD is disconnected.

JJKeller & Associates, Inc., provider of safety and compliance solutions for the transportation industry, has received a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) titled "Driving Monitoring and Detection System." The patent, filed Oct. 2020, was a crucial component for a software, the Encompass Fleet Management System, that aims to address the problem of unidentified driving events when using an electronic logging device (ELD).

The application that incorporates the driving monitoring and detection system is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and leverages the mobile device's GPS module to detect motion when the ELD is disconnected. If the device moves beyond set distance and time thresholds, it triggers a prompt for the user to reconnect the ELD to the Encompass application.

Additionally, this information is relayed to the administrative side of the Encompass solution, providing fleet managers with detailed insights into when and how long the application was in motion while disconnected from the ELD.

Roman Bykhovoy, a senior developer with JJKeller and an inventor of the driving monitoring and detection system, calls it "a tool that will enable motor carriers to adhere to essential regulations, consequently establishing safer highways for everyone on the road."

The patent allows JJKeller the exclusive rights to make, sell, or license this invention. This mechanism is crucial in maintaining compliance among drivers. It can assist the carrier's support team in identifying and communicating with drivers who are not complying with regulations.