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Lytx to offer AI-powered weather alerts to fleets

Oct. 17, 2023
Lytx's new program will provide severe weather notifications to fleet managers along with images of the event, its location on a map in relation to routes, and where the event is forecasted to land.

Lytx, a video safety and telematics provider, is rolling out its Weather Hazard Alerts for fleet managers within the U.S. Lytx network. The AI-powered geospatial feature uses the Lytx Vision Platform and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather data to notify fleet managers when certain geospatial criteria are met on their routes.

"Through the application of machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to analyze vehicle imagery from vehicles in hazardous conditions, we are actively progressing towards the creation of highly localized weather alerts, advancing our predictive intelligence to anticipate potential risks and proactively prevent accidents,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx's chief technology officer in a press release.

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With many fleets already preparing to winterize their fleets and almost 1,235,000 weather-related crashes per year, according to the Federal Highway Administration, the ability to get ahead of weather events is likely to be pertinent in the coming months. To do so, Lytx’s Weather Hazard Alerts will overlay NOAA weather warnings for events such as snow, thunderstorms, floods, tornados, and more on fleet maps. Fleet managers can then program alerts based on geographic, timeframe, and weather criteria, so that they’ll be notified as conditions worsen in particular areas.

These alerts can also be filtered by the type of severe weather, such as hurricanes and flash floods. Then when such conditions are met, the fleet manager will receive an alert with an event description, an image of the hazard and its map location, how many vehicles may be impacted, and where the event is forecast to occur. Managers can also view other current images of the storm or flood with real-time images from across the Lytx Vision Platform on particular routes.

Additionally, Lytx is developing Weather Hazard Alerts specifically for drivers. While this feature is still in testing, it hopes to alerts drivers directly via in-cab audio whenever they approach hazardous weather areas, potentially allowing them to reroute.

“Weather Hazard Alerts give drivers and fleet managers another dynamic tool that can enhance overall fleet performance and driver safety,” said Dan Lambert, Lytx’s senior director of product management. “The customer feedback we’ve received during our development program has allowed us to rapidly surface key insights that ultimately create safer environments for drivers, passengers, and the public.”

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