BeyondTrucks integrates with Fleetio on maintenance, dispatch service

Jan. 30, 2024
The new partnership will grant fleet dispatch and maintenance managers a more holistic view of their fleets.

BeyondTrucks, a multi-tenant SaaS transportation management system provider, and Fleetio, a fleet maintenance management software provider, have partnered on a project to integrate the two companies' management softwares to access both asset maintenance and dispatch data.

By combining Fleetio’s fleet maintenance software for managing fleet asset maintenance with the BeyondTrucks transportation management system, fleets can streamline their maintenance process and dispatch availability data to determine if an asset is in or out of service.

“With real-time Fleetio data at their fingertips, fleet managers have unprecedented opportunities to improve the cost efficiency of their fleets,” said Matt D’Souza, CRO for BeyondTrucks. “Knowing when a vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance or has been grounded for repair is invaluable in the dispatching process. Integrating the two without the need to switch between platforms will greatly improve the operational efficiency.”

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Fleet managers who use both Fleetio and BeyondTrucks can now have their dispatchers verify equipment availability and compatibility based on load or customer requirements, incorporate preventive maintenance schedules into the load planning process, and customize driver workflows based on equipment requirements. 

“As a modern technology partner, BeyondTrucks is innovatively built to support fleet managers in the demanding, commercial trucking environment," said Tyson Goeltz, CRO at Fleetio. "Fleetio is excited for the optimization possibilities this partnership will bring to our mutual customers, continuing to streamline fleet management operations.”

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