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Motive updates multiple products with AI integration

April 15, 2024
The company announced new solutions designed to improve safety and operational visibility.

Motive has rolled out a range of new products and services designed to improve the safety and productivity of fleets and other organizations with AI technology at the forefront. The new products extend Motive’s AI to new safety and worksite applications, giving customers greater visibility and control over their operations, the company says.

AI Omnivision

At the company's Vision 24 innovation summit in Nashville, Motive announced their new AI Omnivision, calling it the first and only general-purpose computer vision platform for physical operations. It is designed to give customers across a wide range of industries more visibility than ever before. 

“Our mission is to empower the people who run physical operations with tools to make their work safer, more productive, and more profitable,” said Shoaib Makani, co-founder and CEO of Motive. “With today’s announcements, we’re executing on our vision of one integrated platform that combines Driver Safety, Spend Management, Fleet Management, and Equipment Monitoring and now AI Omnivison – all in one place. And with our continued investment in AI and computer vision, we’re automating even more manual work so our customers can focus on the people and things that matter most.”

The company says that their Physical Economy Outlook 2024 found that 42% of leaders lack a single view into their workers, vehicles, and equipment, while 58% say they spend most of their time dealing with reactive issues versus proactively managing their operations.

The new AI Omnivision is a suite of AI-powered software solutions designed to solve customer’s most important challenges by delivering visibility into every corner of an operation. Leveraging the capabilities of Motive’s durable and versatile AI Omnicam, AI Omnivision unlocks endless possibilities for Motive’s customers to develop and deploy precise, tailor-made AI models quickly.

For transportation and logistics applications, this could include spotting unauthorized movement of cargo and tracking unauthorized access or theft, as well as alerting a driver or manager in real-time if cargo is improperly tied down. 

Motive Beacon

The company also announced the Motive Beacon, a small but durable Bluetooth tracking device that locates small assets and equipment in warehouses, on job sites, and in transit.


The Motive Beacon allows customers to track just about anything – from small tools and equipment on a worksite, to pallets in a warehouse. The Motive Beacon connects to the Motive Beacon Gateway enabling meter-level indoor positioning and connects to the Motive Mesh Network allowing customers to track their equipment on the move, providing both indoor and outdoor visibility.

Driver Safety Solution with first responder functionality

Motive also announced that they are the first and only driver safety platform to offer first responder functionality that expedites the dispatching of emergency services to ensure the driver receives immediate help. When a severe collision occurs, Motive has key data like vehicle location, make, model, color, license plate, orientation, passengers, and other important information to provide emergency services while simultaneously notifying the safety manager of the collision. 

The company also discussed upcoming enhancements to its Driver Safety Solution, including new AI models that detect even more unsafe behaviors such as drowsiness, lane swerving, forward collision warnings, sideswipe and blind spot monitoring, and unsafe parking, which pose safety risks for both drivers and other motorists

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