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Latest Bendix Fusion features now available on Kenworth trucks

June 7, 2024
The Bendix Fusion collision mitigation system's new radar allows for enhanced features such as ACB Stop and Auto-Go.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has upgraded its Bendix Fusion collision mitigation system with a new radar and upgraded features, which are now available to order on Kenworth Truck Company's flagship T680 Class 8 truck with certain powertrains and automatic transmisions. 

The newest version of the safety system now uses the Bendix FLR-25 Radar Sensor, which allows for ACB (Active Cruise with Braking) Stop and Auto-Go and Service Brake Hold features. The ACB Stop and Auto-Go is operational only when the cruise control is on and set. It's basically an assistive technology to make driving in stop-and-go traffic easier without having to disengage the cruise control.

"If a detected forward vehicle slows to a stop, the system may automatically de-throttle the engine, activate the engine retarder, and apply the service brakes to bring your truck to a full stop," explained TJ Thomas, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions for controls. "If the forward vehicle resumes moving within a few seconds—and if the system does not detect a pedestrian or object between your truck and that vehicle—your vehicle may accelerate back up to the previously set cruise control speed while maintaining the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.”

The system includes a pedestrian cancel function. Also, if the Stop and Auto-Go feature brings the vehicle to a full stop with the service brakes, the Service Brakes Hold will keep the vehicle there until the driver intervenes. The system includes a pedestrian cancel function.

The new radar also improves the Fusion's autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and stationary vehicle braking. In-cab dashboard-integrated messaging also help drivers get a better understand how the system is working. The next-gen Fusion also includes features such as multi-lane AEB, highway departure warning and braking, ACB, following distance alerts, lane-departure warning, and speeding alerts.

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Bendix Fusion has been standard on select Kenworth Trucks, such as the T680 model, since 2018.

Thomas claimed that drivers are more satisfied with later iterations of Bendix Fusion and its radar-and-camera systems, largely due to fewer false alerts and interventions. But even with these additions, the company emphasized that these systems are only meant to complement a driver’s skills.

“No one can control everything that happens on the highway, and even a great driver can have a bad day,” Thomas said. “We are focused on developing technologies that assist drivers, not replace them. At the end of the day, our team—and our colleagues at Kenworth—want nothing more than to see everyone on the road safely home.”

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