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MiX Telematics launches AI video solution

May 13, 2021
Designed to optimize driver safety and minimize fleet operating costs, MiX Vision AI can detect and alert drivers and managers to unsafe or risky driving behaviors.

MiX Telematics launched MiX Vision AI, an update to its video telematics offering that further enhances its ability to help customers around the world improve driver safety and reduce operating costs.

According to MiX, MiX Vision AI leverages machine vision technology to detect and alert drivers and managers to unsafe or risky driving behavior that impacts road safety. Driver monitoring events include fatigue, phone use, distraction, smoking, and seat-belt use, while passive ADAS events include forward collision and lane departure warnings. In-cab, audible alerts warn drivers in real-time so that immediate corrective action can be taken, while video footage is made available to managers via MiX’s online software and mobile apps for driver coaching.

“We’re excited about the significant value this new solution will bring to our customers, as well the growth opportunity it presents to MiX,” said Catherine Lewis, EVP of technology for MiX Telematics. “Reducing driver distraction and fatigue are key to improving driver, passenger, and road safety, and reducing crashes. Evidence based footage also provides additional context to help improve driver behavior and coaching and enables companies to exonerate claims and reduce costs.”

MiX Telematics first launched a fully integrated video telematics solution eight years ago, combining comprehensive video and vehicle telematics data to customers via a single, integrated platform. According to MiX, on-road or in-cab video footage, linked to driving or vehicle events, is automatically transmitted and available online, while users can also request time-based, continuous video extracts for detailed incident analysis on-demand. The platform also caters for live streaming, giving fleet operators greater visibility into their fleet operations.

“Although we have seen a steady increase in the uptake of our MiX Vision solution over the years, improvements in technology and the proliferation of consumer dashcam devices is driving greater awareness and adoption in fleets around the world, across all industries,” added Lewis. “While video telematics started as a niche application and add-on to vehicle telematics, it is fast becoming mainstream. MiX Telematics is ideally positioned to give our customers the best of both worlds by combining leading-edge AI-powered video with rich vehicle telemetry data to provide maximum fleet insights and real-time safety interventions.”