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Dana introduces new planetary drives

Jan. 25, 2022
Features include improved torque density and design flexibility for a wide range of tracked, wheeled, and winch applications.

Dana Incorporated has introduced three new planetary drives with wide ratio ranges, better power density, and modular designs that expand the company's Spicer Torque-Hub support for tracked and wheeled vehicles, as well as Brevini winch applications.

The new planetary drives, which offer output torque ratings from 80 kNm to 130 kNm, can be configured with Brevini hydraulic motors or Dana TM4 electric motors for a wide range of conventional and next-generation electrified machines, such as crawler cranes, piling rigs, drill rigs, track tool carriers, straddle carriers, and tracked undercarriages. They can also be packaged with hydraulic or electric motors for winches used in a variety of lifting applications, including construction cranes, offshore cranes, rotary drilling machinery, and shiplifts.

By sourcing these drives and associated components from Dana as a single point of contact, OEMs can simplify procurement, streamline integration and assembly, and improve speed to market.

"As mobile and industrial applications grow in size to meet more demanding market requirements, planetary drives face increased torque requirements within existing design envelopes," said Jeroen Decleer, SVP of off-highway drive and motion systems for Dana Inc. "We have expanded and revamped our line of planetary drives to deliver enhanced performance, efficiency, and flexibility within an industry-leading, power-dense package."

Features of the new planetary drives

The introduction of the new planetary drives is part of a series-wide redesign that updates Dana's field-proven technologies with improved torque density, lower package weight, increased input speeds, and more design flexibility.

Dana's full line of planetary track drives now offers output torque ratings from 10 kNm to over 130 kNm, with ratios available from 26:1 up to 210:1. Large drives in the RCT series are engineered to operate reliably in extreme conditions from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The drives for mobile applications can manage input speeds up to 5,000 rpm and provide heavy-duty bearing load capacities as well as cartridge motor mounts with integrated parking brakes.

The winch drives accommodate electric and hydraulic motor inputs and supply exceptional radial load capacities with best-in-class torque ratings under standards established by the European Federation of Materials Handling (FEM). Supporting winch applications with line pulls up to 83 tons (75 tonnes), the drives can be customized for marine applications with a sealing system specifically engineered for harsh environments, and they meet safety certification standards for major international organizations governing marine applications.

This article originally appeared on FleetOwner.com.

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