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Doleco USA unveils ConnectedDeck integrated platform

March 13, 2023
Doleco USA claimed that with their ConnectedDeck platform, fleets could stand to save $15.8 million in time savings and labor costs.

ORLANDO, Florida—Doleco USA, a load securement supplier and manufacturer, has recently unveiled a more efficient integrated cargo platform: The ConnectedDeck System, a spring-assisted, self-leveling, multi-beam decking system.

“The system is designed for applications in dry vans and reefers and also has far broader application potential,” said Ralph Abato, president and managing director, Doleco USA. “It reduces the time to deploy a fully loadable double decking platform from approximately four minutes and 54 seconds to a mere 13 seconds.”

By Doleco’s calculations, these time savings stand to save fleets millions, with their calculations using a mid-sized fleet of 1,000, 20’, less-than-truckload (LTL) trailers as a case study, assuming each trailer has seven decks.

“If we focus on building that whole deck, we can vet out 519 seconds of savings per deck in comparison,” said Steve Downing, product manager of Deck Systems, Doleco USA. “And we assume that each of those decks will be used, on average, twice a day, given the structure of an LTL company and how they operate on a 24-hour cycle. So annually, that really adds up to a lot of time: 500,000 hours saved.”

The ConnectedDeck platform is based off the company’s Level Deck Self-Leveling Decking Beam and LayerLock XP Track, both of which already doubled deck adjustment speed and prevented forklift damage. Now, Doleco’s latest platform merges two or three adjustable, self-leveling decking beams with a formed composite panel that locks at ceiling height when not in use. For Greater ease, the deck can also be released with typical tools that would be found at any facility.

“The whole unitized platform can be released with a common dock hook or fifth wheel pin puller,” Abato explained. “This means no system specific tools are required to release it, eliminating the problem of missing or misplaced release tools.”

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And, once one side is freed, the rest of the deck can be moved by hand, with the deck automatically locking into place once it is level, Abato said. Moving the deck by hand is an easy feat as well, as the entire solution only weighs 21 ibs.

“That's a 40-pound difference per four by eight platform,” Abato noted. “It saves 280 pounds for seven decks in a 28-foot trailer versus plywood, 520 pounds for a 13-deck, 53-footer.”

As well as this, the ConnectedDeck’s LayerLok XP can dodge the inherent risk posed by using rivets as track fasteners with the use of structural-grade adhesives.

“These advanced adhesives provide the Doleco tracks with three times the strength of riveted tracks without penetrating or compromising the trailer walls,” Abato emphasized.

But trailer walls are not the only element shouldering less wear and tear, the company claimed. ConnectedDeck is damage resistant and able to endure most forklift strikes as well, making it fitting for harsh loading environments.

“The locking mechanism is specifically designed to prevent upward adjustments by forklifts, which is a common issue that, over time, causes tracks to bind,” Downing stated. “And then someone will take a forklift to try and unbind it and it becomes more bound and damaged along the way. We tend to not have that happen with this system.”

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