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Phillips Industries enhances 3-IN-1 assemblies with QCP

Jan. 20, 2021
Product enhancements include advanced trailer-side cable guard and an additional 3” assembly extension.

Premium 3-IN-1 electrical and air combination assemblies with QCP (Quick-Change Plug) trailer-side connections from Phillips Industries will now include an advanced trailer-side cable guard and an additional 3” assembly extension.

As combination assemblies' popularity continues to gain ground, Phillips engineers continue innovating these connections where possible. The latest product enhancement relieves strain at the back of the plug. This could be a stress point for any standard cable during a tight turn or jackknife, but combination assemblies can be even more susceptible to strain because of these products' typical weight. The tension over time can weaken the connection, leading to possible continuity issues or damage to the cable at the back of the plug. By adding a durable, non-corrosive, and flexible trailer-side cable guard to the QCP plug and an extra three inches of assembly length, this becomes an advanced combination assembly.

Phillips Industries’ Premium 3-IN-1s offer cable and corrosion protection with innovative solutions for quick and easy serviceability. Through the technology of the QCP’s removable plug-in cartridge, which can be serviced and replaced in under two minutes, there is no re-wiring, no shrinking cable lengths due to plug replacement, and no disassembly of the 3-IN-1 to replace an entire electrical cable. With innovative and enhanced features to their 3-IN-1 assemblies, such as the QCP and new advanced cable guard, time and costs associated with unnecessary downtime are avoided.