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Phillips Connect releases Smart7 integrated telematics hub

Feb. 10, 2021
The Smart7 tracks and manages all trailer health sensors using one device and one platform.

The Phillips Connect Smart7 integrated telematics hub is available to fleets across North America to be installed on new build trailers and can be retrofitted to existing units. The Smart7 tracks and manages all trailer health sensors using one device and one platform.

The Smart7 delivers a real-time comprehensive view of the status of a trailer using one integrated telematics hub, with all of the data available in one clean and consolidated web or mobile device user interface.

The Phillips Connect Smart7 is an integrated 7-way nose box with a cellular gateway, GPS tracker, and sensor hub all-in-one that maintains continuous 4G-LTE communication from the trailer. It is as easy to install as Phillips standard nose boxes and requires no additional harnessing or electrical connections. Accessing the capabilities of the Smart7 with easy-to-connect communication from Phillips Connect sensors or sensors from leading manufacturers will give fleets total awareness of their trailers, delivering ROI by increasing revenue, improving driver uptime, and reducing CSA violations, the company says.

Depending on the needs of the fleet, through the Smart7, they can choose to monitor the status of a wide range of trailer operations. Light Out√, ABS Fault√, and Remote Pre√ come standard in the Smart7. Fleets can also monitor trailer doors, tire pressure, cargo status, air tank pressure, ATIS regulator pressure, wheel end temperatures and vibrations, trailer tails, weight, ABS lamps, and ATIS lamps. The Smart7 will also be able to remotely control the Phillips Connect SmartLock theft-deterring gladhand and SmartLock door locks. Additionally, SmartPair can be included to provide tractor-trailer pairing and eliminate the chance of a driver moving the wrong trailer by mistake. Some sensor options will require the IntelliSense harness.

The Smart7 Remote Pre√ delivers a full scan of trailer status and health, even when tractor power is not available telling a fleet if a trailer is road-ready and free of problems before a driver is deployed to pull it.

“The introduction of the Smart7 is the end-result of Phillips Connect’s more than 5-year product development work to simplify and standardize trailer telematics,” said Rob Phillips, founder and CEO. “Our goal from the beginning was to create a single platform that could work with all suppliers’ sensors using one data plan, and to give our fleet customers a simple way to avoid downtime surprises and to get the most from their assets. The Phillips history is to listen to our customer and then deliver the best solution. We are confident that the Smart7 and the Phillips Connect platform is the right solution for smart trailer capabilities.”