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Michelin Energy Guard and Utility Trailer finalize agreement

Oct. 18, 2023
Michelin Energy Guard and Utility Trailer have agreed to equip the latter's trailers with Michelin Energy Flaps as standard specification.

Michelin Energy Guard and Utility Trailer have finalized a deal where Michelin Energy Flaps are standard specification on Utility trailers. Additionally, Michelin Energy Flaps are available to all OEM dealers.

“The Michelin Energy Flap is designed to increase safety with optimally dispersed water spray downward and away,” said Pierluigi Cumo, B2B VP of marketing for Michelin North America, Inc.

The 24” by 28” flaps are specifically for Utility Trailer chassis, feature ultraviolet resistance, and can handle operating temperatures from -40 degrees F to 202 degrees F. Their mounted surface makes the flaps easy to install without any drilling, and their low-flex, anti-sail design keep the Energy Flaps straight while the vehicle is in transit.