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Tool Review: ProMAXX Nino Exhaust Manifold Repair Tool

March 3, 2017
The reviewer said this tool saves three to five hours per job.

The ProMAXX Nino Exhaust Manifold Repair Tool mounts directly into the exhaust passage of the EGR side of the exhaust manifold on the Ford 6.7L diesel. Unlike other mounting methods that only use one of the two existing bolt holes, the Nino is engineered to remove both mounting bolts and not be restricted to one of the two mounting bolt applications. The tool uses precision engineered and ground guide bearings to facilitate precise boring of the damaged studs. The kit supplies heavy duty stainless steel locking inserts used to restore the original thread size and configuration without the need to drill any other parts. To use, screw in the inserts and set the locks for a permanent repair.

The review

It can take upwards of eight hours to remove and replace a Ford 6.7L EGR tube and exhaust manifold. When reviewer – senior master technician Brain Dull – was able to drill it out instead with the ProMAXX Nino, it saved three to five hours per job.

Time savings means a lot, especially when working on time-consuming repairs on 2011-2016 Model Year Ford 6.7s, like those that Dull completes at Apple Ford Lincoln in Maryland.

When a job requires the EGR tube to be moved off the exhaust manifold going to the EGR cooler for any reason, or if replacing the EGR cooler itself, it can be difficult to drill because the factory-installed titanium bolts from Ford (that are used to hold the two pieces together) have a tendency to break, Dull says.

Using the Nino allows a technician to place the tool in the hole where the EGR pipe goes into the exhaust manifold, lock it in with a wrench and then get a "straight, square, dead center hole that you can drill out in three steps with three different size drill bits," says Dull.

The tap supplied in the Nino allowed Dull to tap threads into the exhaust manifold and install the insert with the supplied tool. Once installed, he lifted up the tool and spun it 90 degrees. Then, Dull hammered two lock pins down and the insert was installed permanently and did not come out.

Dull says he was then ready to put the new factory bolt in that insert and the problem was solved.

"The insert is made of stainless steel and the threads won’t get galled up and become immovable," he says.

The manifold repair tool had minimal set up and was easy to use. After setting the drill depth stops, it "fits and locks in perfectly," says Dull.

Dull says the ease of locking the tool into where the drill is needed, and the ease of switching the drill guides in the plate, are notable features of this tool.

"You can use the tool without the directions if you needed to – it’s idiot-proof," he says.

The ProMAXX Nino Exhaust Manifold Repair Tool features several accessories. These include: drill guide plate, different size drill adaptors, drill bits, drill bit stops, tap and die and inserts that allow it to use a factory bolt instead of an oversized bolt.

Additionally, the Nino comes in a heavy duty case, allowing it to fit easier in toolboxes and carts. 

"The tool saves me time on every job I use it on," Dull says. "It pays for itself the first time or two you use it because of the time savings, the ease of use and reduced frustration. The drill bits cut through a titanium bolt and a cast iron manifold like butter. You’ll be amazed every time you use the Nino.

“The company is excellent and customer service is unmatched. They have videos online, and if you have any question of any kind, their customer service is superb. I use other ProMAXX tools as well."

About the Author

Vesna Brajkovic | Associate Editor - Vehicle Repair Group

Vesna Brajkovic is associate editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

Brajkovic has covered the transportation industry for a number of trade publications, with a focus on the vehicle maintenance and automotive aftermarket industries since 2016. Prior to that, she covered the global aviation industry as assistant editor for Endeavor Business Media's, and held a number of editorial positions at an award-winning community newspaper.

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