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Joel Levitt

President, Springfield Resources
Phone: 610-278-7550

Joel Levitt has trained more than 17,000 maintenance leaders from more than 3,000 organizations in 24 countries. He is the president of Springfield Resources, a management consulting firm that services a variety of clients on a wide range of maintenance issues He is also the designer of Laser-Focused Training, a flexible training program that provides specific targeted training on your schedule, online to one to 250 people in maintenance management, asset management and reliability.  

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Tips to manage your mental checklist

May 23, 2022
We all have a lot on our minds, but with a few mental exercises you can learn to manage the load.
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Is our faith in algorithms misplaced?

April 20, 2022
AI has great benefits, but trusting machines and sensors could lead to bad decision making.
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Invest in maintenance, not just new infrastructure

March 28, 2022
It’s time to give maintenance the resources and respect that innovation gets.
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Explicit direction in a PM checklist is more impactful for inexperienced technicians.
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Overlooking the point of PM inspections

Oct. 25, 2021
A lot can be missed when your maintenance staff is not trained to truly see potential problems during inspections.
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Success in succession planning requires early start

Aug. 20, 2021
Succession planning starts with finding the right candidate and fostering their professional development for future leadership positions.
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Complex versus complicated maintenance

July 9, 2021
Vehicle service and repair can be broken down into two categories: that which can be reliably resolved, and that which cannot.