Cory Houston

Mechanix Wear, Inc.
Phone: 800-222-4296 x6482

Cory Houston works in the marketing department at Mechanix Wear, a company that makes high performance work gloves for automotive, racing, construction, industrial, safety, gardening, and home improvement.

It is important that technicians are conscious of the hazards present when considering a task specific work glove.
Shop Safety

How to select the proper work glove

July 9, 2015
Chances are, some of your technicians have experienced a minor hand injury at one point or another on the job. Some may say it is just part of the job, while others will dive ...
Glove manufacturers are working with a variety of fabrics and protective materials to improve durability along with the performance of task-specific hand protection, even when the user needs the control of bare hands while wearing gloves.
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Long-term hand safety

May 13, 2014
Vehicle service professionals know a thing or two about cuts, scrapes, crushing and vibration injuries. Although, that minor cut or broken fingernail may or may not have been...
In addition to protecting the technicians hand, choosing the proper hand protection for the job will improve overall work performance by enabling the technician to work with more power and control.
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Tips For Selecting Work Gloves

July 13, 2012
How technicians can get the perfect fit and proper hand protection