Gregg Wartgow

Gregg Wartgow

Hickok Waekon

Oscilloscopes signal change in diagnostics

May 17, 2024
An oscilloscope can see certain things a scan tool can’t, making it a valuable addition to a fleet’s diagnostic toolbox.
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Shop Operations

How to build a shop to suit your technicians

May 16, 2024
Keeping your technicians in mind when building and moving to a new shop is critical, both in considering the elements that will help them be more efficient and how to organize...
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Shop Operations

Best practices to improve and expand your shop

May 15, 2024
Whether you’re building, renovating, or moving into a different facility, success comes down to proper planning, proven partners, and a concept built around both efficiency and...
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Emissions & Efficiency

How integrated powertrains, engine controls impact fuel efficiency

April 11, 2024
Hardware improvements that emphasize electronic advancements and reduce excessive idling can lead to greater savings at the pump.
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Emissions & Efficiency

How to spec the most fuel-efficient sleepers

April 10, 2024
With operational costs rising, fleets need to save money where they can, and that starts with spec'ing their long-haul trucks to sip, not guzzle, fuel.
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Shop Operations

AI as the ultimate back-office assistant

March 21, 2024
How shop managers can use AI to streamline tedious back-office processes, from interview scheduling to managing telematics data.