Bob Freudenberger

Bob Freudenberger has been an automotive tech writer and magazine and book editor for four decades. He’s had thousands of magazine articles, numerous video training programs, and several books published, and is the author of The Encyclopedia of Auto Technology & Service and The Repair Library. He was an editor for Hearst’s MOTOR Books, the editor of Speed Shop magazine, and the editorial director of Motor Service and Auto & Truck International, Tech Drive (BMW), Tech Connect (VW), Nissan TechNews, and The End Wrench (Subaru). He’s also written many “Saturday Mechanic” features for Popular Mechanics. 

He is currently the editorial director of Aftermarket International and StarTuned, a service technology magazine sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. He earned ASE certification in the late 1970s, then went on to write ASE tests. 

Bob is hands-on. He has his own shop where he not only fixes cars, but also researches service issues, tools, and equipment.

If you see a “No Codes Present” message on your scan tool when you know there’s trouble, don’t panic. There are numerous other ways to skin the driveability/ performance cat.
Diagnostic & Repair

Driveability Diagnosis: Yikes! No Codes!

May 29, 2020
You know and we know that DTCs are superficial and often inaccurate. So, don’t let their absence short-circuit your troubleshooting discipline.
This early AFR meter sort of “guesses” at the HC level.
Diagnostic & Repair

Getting the most out of exhaust gas analyzers

May 29, 2020
All the scopes and scan tools in the world won’t tell you what’s actually being spewed out of that tailpipe. Here’s what a gas analyzer can do for you today.