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Patrick Gaskins

Patrick Gaskins, senior vice president of Corcentric Fleet Solutions, oversees both sales and operations for Corcentric’s fleet offerings. Over the past 10 years, Gaskins has grown the fleet services area of Corcentric’s business by implementing a best-in-class asset management database and a data-driven approach to providing Corcentric clients with visibility into all areas of their fleet spend. He joined Corcentric in 2010, bringing over 30 years of experience as a financial services professional in the transportation industry. Gaskins leads a team of industry experts who work with a supply base of over 160 manufacturers to help the country’s largest fleets manage all aspects of their fleet operations and fleet-related spend. Gakins earned his BBA in Finance from the University of Miami, Florida, and his CTP certification from the National Private Truck Council.

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Shop Management

It's time to deeply evaluate your operations

Jan. 27, 2023
With a recession likely coming later this year, the time to prepare is now. Take a deep dive into evaluating your operations, including asset utilization, parts management, and...
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Shop Operations

Making correct asset replacement decisions is vital

Dec. 14, 2022
Technology allows fleets to have a detailed picture of how their assets are performing. Telematics devices coupled with maintenance and repair records can help fleet managers ...
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Data & Telematics

Business intelligence means better decisions for fleets

Nov. 23, 2022
Raw data can be difficult to use, so employing business intelligence to synthesize that information into reports is essential if managers want quick, actionable insights.
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Safety & Technology

Loss of technology jobs presents opportunity for trucking

July 13, 2022
Recent layoffs in the computer technology sector means there are thousands of skilled professionals who could find jobs in trucking. Industry leaders must make trucking appealing...
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Emissions & Efficiency

Helping fleets get to a greener future

June 3, 2022
Regulatory agencies will continue to pass down emission-reduction mandates. Owners must evaluate which sections of their fleet are open to electrification—and which sections must...
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Shop Management

In turbulent times, flexibility is key

April 25, 2022
As transportation costs skyrocket, now is the time for fleets to leverage technology to help improve efficiency and contain maintenance and fuel costs.