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Shop Management

Shop owners predict 2024 a good year for growth

May 23, 2024
With 2024 providing a new opportunity for maintenance shops, growth strategies include careful data analysis, employee investment, and creative marketing.
A. Duie Pyle
A technician from A. Duie Pyle performs diagnostics on a truck.
Diagnostic & Repair

Maintenance leaders talk rise of diagnostic tools in the shop

May 25, 2023
As the need for more diagnostic tools grows, fleets and shops must be prepared. Leaders in the commercial vehicle maintenance sector discuss how they are navigating the challenge...
Noregon Systems
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Diagnostic & Repair

Four trends shaping the commercial vehicle maintenance industry in 2023

Jan. 31, 2023
The Unpacking the Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Market 2023 report from Noregon delivers a positive outlook for the maintenance industry’s shop activities, repair volume, revenue...
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Diagnostic & Repair

Troubleshooting tools of the trade

Nov. 7, 2022
Diagnostic tools are critical to the present and future of commercial vehicle repair, and shops must not only consider which to use, but training who will use them.
Noregon Systems
By plugging into a truck’s OBD-II port, a technician can pull relevant aftertreatment data such as temperature to troubleshoot issues.
Diagnostic & Repair

How to diagnose fleets' biggest aftertreatment headaches

Oct. 18, 2022
Aftertreatment systems have evolved a lot since their inception, yet still create headaches for the industry. The right balance of diagnostics and best practices can relieve that...
Cojali VP Bruno Gattamorta said there are thousands of scenarios where remote diagnostics can optimize fleets.
Diagnostic & Repair

How remote diagnostics help shops control downtime

July 22, 2022
Experts discuss the benefits of increasingly in-demand remote diagnostics tools.