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Scott Keith is an associate editor at FleetOwner.

Orbcomm Smart Dashcam Installed (1)
Safety & Technology

Orbcomm launches FM 6510 dashcam

Oct. 11, 2023
The AI-enabled dashcam contains outward- and inward-facing cameras, voice coaching, and custom alerts designed to improve fleet safety and decrease insurance and maintenance costs...
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California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote in a statement: 'California has shown the world what real climate action looks like, and we're raising the bar yet again. Today, truck manufacturers join our urgent efforts to slash air pollution, showing the rest of the country that we can both cut dangerous pollution and build the economy of the future.'
Emissions & Efficiency

California, engine manufacturers enter Clean Truck Partnership to meet emissions goals

July 10, 2023
The California Air Resources Board has entered an agreement for the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association and major OEMs to meet the regulatory agency's emissions requirements...
Leonard's Express
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Safety & Technology

Fleet executives detail successful safety strategies

Jan. 23, 2023
Every fleet strives for safety, so when looking for advice, it makes sense to seek the best. Leonard's Express and Garner Trucking are two of the safest carriers in the nation...
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Safety & Technology

Electronic truck IDs: Safety tool or unnecessary burden?

Dec. 6, 2022
CVSA has long petitioned for trucks to carry mandatory electronic IDs to grease the wheels of safety inspections. Critics say such a rule would introduce not safer roads but costs...
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Emissions & Efficiency

As emissions requirements sunset, California wants zero-emissions drayage by 2035

Dec. 5, 2022
California drayage trucks will have more stringent emissions requirements starting in 2023, and regulators are considering tightening those even further. To address charging needs...
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Cummins' Meritor closes on acquisition of Siemens' Commercial Vehicle business

Dec. 5, 2022
The Cummins subsidiary will close on the deal initiated in May. The acquisition is part of the companies' strategy to expand electric powertrain offerings.