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Kim Ehrenhaft

Design Director | North American Council for Freight Efficiency
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Kim Ehrenhaft is design director at the North American Council for Freight Efficiency. In this role, she works on NACFE’s Confidence Reports and Guidance Reports and is responsible for its social media efforts. Ehrenhaft has been involved in the trucking industry since 1993 and has worked on various trucking industry related publications.

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Safety & Technology

How to prep ADAS technology for the winter

Nov. 10, 2022
More and more safety technology has been added to commercial vehicles, and fleets must remember how to keep cameras and sensors working correctly before the first snow hits.
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Preventive truck maintenance tips for efficient autumn operation

Sept. 15, 2022
Preventive maintenance can have a very positive effect on vehicle uptime as well as fuel economy. Seasonal preventive maintenance may be another item to add to your maintenance...
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Employees & Training

Ten ways to tune-up your technicians

Aug. 10, 2022
Although it's more often technicians doing the tune-ups, they need as much attention as the vehicle assets themselves. To avoid tech burnout and increased downtime in your shop...
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Employees & Training

How maintaining drivers leads to better fuel efficiency

July 12, 2022
Vehicle condition isn’t the only factor in asset performance, as driver habits play a major role in operational efficiencies. Here are some tips for keeping your driver pool in...