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Insightful data on what caused a problem can be found by analyzing driver vehicle inspection reports, along with maintenance and service and repair records, and probing information from a vehicle’s telematics systems.

How crime scene processing methods can be implemented to improve vehicle maintenance and reliability efforts

Aug. 15, 2017
The six major steps for a vehicle maintenance investigation of component failure and breakdown.

Consider the job of a crime scene investigator. These investigators process the scene through an organized approach and examines the evidence for clues. They analyze that evidence, clues and other information. They use deductive reasoning to reach a conclusion about who done it and how.

There are lessons to be learned from crime scene investigations that can be adapted by vehicle maintenance personnel to help to identify the reason – a condition or a chain of events – that resulted in a component malfunction or a vehicle breakdown.

In this whitepaper, exclusive to, a six step process to vehicle maintenance investigation is outlined, among other helpful tips. 

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