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January Reader's Choice Product: Dent Fix Ultra Ding Massager

Feb. 23, 2017
PTEN recently spoke with Dent Fix Equipment to get some additional details about the Ultra Ding Massager, No. DF-DM555UDX.

The Dent Fix Ultra Ding Massager, No. DF-DM555UDX, is designed to provide everything a technician needs to complete a successful PDR glue pull on OEM paint. Included are a knock down tool with two heads, 15 varieties of pulling nibs and a hand T-puller for hand pulls. Redesigned pulling tabs provide the technician with more choices and nib surfaces for better fitment, which improves grip when repairing the many varieties of dings and minor dents from small to large. Other components of the kit include a squeeze puller with massaging action and squeezed position holding capabilities, a sturdy slide hammer, 10 sticks of specially formulated PDR glue, a 120V glue gun, a plastic scraper stick, a spray bottle of releasing agent and a blow-molded case.

PTEN recently spoke with Dent Fix Equipment to get some additional details about the Ultra Ding Massager, No. DF-DM555UDX.

PTEN: What are some important features and characteristics of the product?

Dent Fix Equipment: The ability to perform PDR repairs on “creased” dents is an important feature to note. The set of three new pull-tabs adapt to the crease valley allowing the pulling force to be applied appropriately across the crease for a more successful pull. The new T-Puller puts the pulling force and control in the hands of the technician. If there is a high spot in the panel the new knock down tool, with an interchangeable blunt or pointed tip, will bring it back to level.

PTEN: Why was it developed?

Dent Fix Equipment: Glue pullers are an excellent method for removing dings and small dents from OEM paint. When access to the back panel is not possible, glue pullers are the only means of PDR repair. This kit is a must have for any body shop during hail season. This particular kit was developed with the technician in mind to offer a wide variety of pulling options and the ability to repair dents that are creased. Our customers wanted a more complete kit, so we put this together to meet the ever-changing demands out in the field..

PTEN: How does it improve on previous iterations of the company’s products?

Dent Fix Equipment: The previous iteration of this kit (DF-DM550DX Ding Massager Deluxe) was an amazing tool kit but our customers wanted a kit that did a little more. Dent Fix assembled an improved kit based on our customers' requests that delivers more functionality but offered at the same price point as the previous kit. Improved designs to the glue tabs allow for an improved grip strength, and a new set of crease pulling tabs increase the kit’s utility. Our customers wanted to be able to do straight hand pulls, so we added a T-Puller that provides a medium pulling option between the Squeeze puller and Slide Weight Puller. We also added a knock down tool with two tips to finish off any high points. These new additions provide the end user with the ultimate glue pulling PDR kit.

PTEN: How does it help automotive technicians save time and/or make their jobs easier?

Dent Fix Equipment: Paint less dent repair saves the technician and the shop more time because there is no need to repaint or blend the damaged area.

PTEN: What types of jobs/applications does the tool work well for?

Dent Fix Equipment: This repair procedure is ideal for small dings and dents that do not damage the OEM paint. Small dings include hail and storm damage. When used correctly, the kit has the capability to do larger dents by utilizing the first in, last out method. When combined with a heat gun and a little practice, this kit can also perform repairs on small dings in aluminum panels.

PTEN: Where can they find more information about the Ultra Ding Massager?

Dent Fix Equipment: More information can be obtained by calling (800) 523-1751 or by visiting the Dent Fix Equipment website at

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