Image courtesy of Car-O-Liner
CTR7 resistance spot welder

Car-O-Liner announces software upgrade for CTR7 resistance spot welder

Sept. 17, 2020
The OEM Mode of the software features pre-loaded Honda weld conditions.

A software upgrade is available for the Car-O-Liner CTR7 resistance spot welder. One of the key features of the software is the addition of an OEM mode that enables pre-loaded Honda weld conditions.

“This new software update brings a notable decrease of cycle times along with increased precision and production for Honda-certified collision repair shops,” said Tim Garner, market development manager for Car-O-Liner. “It also eases the difficulty, time, and morale costs of new technician training.”

Beginning with some 2016 models, Honda repair procedures call for the technician to manually set weld current, weld time, and squeeze pressure based on a table of Honda weld conditions. With the OEM function found in the new CTR7 software upgrade, technicians can simply select the weld condition and the welder sets everything for them. They can then weld from the OEM screen, making it easier to follow Honda repair procedures and change from one weld condition to the next. The software update also allows collision repair shops to abide by Honda’s certified weld conditions and maintain precision without putting a strain on cycle times.

The Car-O-Liner CTR7 resistance spot welder is a new generation of welding machine, providing quality spot welds with all new high-strength steels. It is lightweight and features a three-directional adjustable boom for occupational safety and overall efficiency. The CTR7’s vertical flexibility allows for floor height or frame-rack height workability.

“With this new CTR7 software update, Car-O-Liner continues its quest to create the very best products for vehicle collision repair,” said Garner. “With a wide range of accessories and sophisticated software with semi-automatic control features, Car-O-Liner provides precision welding results every time.”